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We buy and recycle catalytic converters
Best price in Bedfordshire
We buy catalytic converters
Best price in Bedfordshire


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Catalytic converters are the part of the exhaust system in vehicles that help to reduce the negative environmental impact of trucks, cars and vans. The catalytic agents within catalytic converters turn toxic exhaust gases into less harmful substances. Catalytic converters contain a range of precious metals such as copper, nickel, manganese and cerium but also, most importantly, catalytic converters contain the rare metals platinum, rhodium and palladium. The latter three are especially valuable. If your catalytic converter fails, it can be costly to replace but the good news is that you can get money for your old catalytic converter, when you sell it to scrap metal traders or recycling companies. The amount and range of metals contained within a catalytic converter varies and therefore its value als varies.
At Simply Recycling Solutions, we are determined to offer you the best price in the area. If you would like to know in advance what your catalytic converter is worth, please send photos and the serial number of your catalytic converter, along with the make, year and model of vehicle, to our dedicated CATS number 07500 838395, either by text or WhatsApp and we will get back to you ASAP.
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